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January 26, 2008


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Last week I also learnt that trust also a good motivation tool for people especially your employees in business.


I find I have to strike a balance on trusting others. I've gotten burned too many times to just give someone the benefit of the doubt, but I'm not as cynical as I sound.

I have learned that the first person I should trust is me. If I feel I can trust someone, I'm usually right. If I get something other than that certain warm, fuzzy feeling of trust, I don't trust someone, and I'm usually right.

You can develop your instincts about other people just by paying attention to your own sense of a person or situation. A large percentage of communication between people is non-verbal, so if you meet someone in person, you have a much better shot at getting a good reading about them. If you speak with them over the phone, you can glean something from their tone and use of words.

When you read their writings, I feel you have to read quite a bit over time to get to know someone. Persona comes out eventually and I don't think can be interpreted correctly in only one or two posts, or emails or letters.

Trusting is vital to success, but I'm careful about who I give that trust to.

Jason Jacobsohn

Great comments Sherri. Thanks for pointing out that you really need to trust yourself first. I completely agree because if your gut tells you to not trust someone,then you should listen.

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The communication between people is non-verbal, so if you meet someone in person, you have a much better shot at getting a good reading about them.

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