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December 08, 2007


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Robert @ reason4smile

Hi Jason,
you now what's working with me these few times I'm networking?
ASKING! I learned about habit of asking from a leadership speaker. It's a way to build relationship, asking in a way to learn from them, focusing on their strength rather than weaknesses. I've ever post it in my blog here:

And to my surprise asking is also a great way to influence people, asking makes them thinking, and afterwards we can propose the solution.

Great post, thanks for reminding us that we have relationship skill!

Btw, interested to know you more, what r u doing exactly? do your job deals with networking or sales a lot?


Jason Jacobsohn

Thanks Robert for reminding us that asking if very important. Not only does it show that you care about the other person, but also you can find out how you can help this person. Regarding my job, I spend time building relationships so I can assist entrepreneurs. I have a network of service providers, investors, etc. that I can tap into when appropriate.

Robert @ reason4smile

That sounds interesting, no wonder you're a relationship expert.
Looking forward to learn more about networking from you!

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