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August 18, 2007


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Andy Lopata

Whatever the motivation, everyone should be a 'relationship networker'. One of my favourite sayings is 'pursue the relationship, not the sale'.

The more relationships you develop, the greater the rapport, trust and understanding you have with your network, the greater the potential networking offers you.

How many people genuinely go to networking events predominantly to buy from others? Unless they are 'meet the buyer' events, the answer is a tiny proportion. If no-one, therefore, is in buying mode, why would anyone go to a networking event to sell?

Jason Jacobsohn

Great comment Andy. I agree with you that every networker should strive to be a "relationship networker". However, not everyone has this mentality. Some of the people who give networking a bad name only try to network for themselves. For networking to be successful, both sides need to be engaged with each other by helping each other out.

Melvin Ram

I go to make friends... plan and simple. Sometimes it's having a crazy good laugh, soemtimes it's about connecting them with my other friends and sometimes they have a pain that needs fixing... & I'm the guy to fix it.

Do what you would with your college buddies. Think... and a have good time. That's it.

~ mel

Jason Jacobsohn

Good strategy. People tend to do business with people they consider friends. If you go to an event and be yourself, then that is the best. Also, if you treat everyone like a friend, then you will be easy to talk to.


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