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July 24, 2007


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Andy Lopata

When I was Managing Director of a networking organisation, our marketing materials and membership packs were all emblazoned with the slogan 'Make it Happen'. So many people joined the network and sat back waiting for results, only to be disappointed.

Networks are only as strong as the people within them. You have to be proactive, whether with your own personal network or as the member of a group, if you and your contacts are going to benefit from the relationship.

Sharan Tash

Hi Jason;
Great post today! I love the idea of people joining groups and sitting back and waiting for business to come in. I would like to comment more on the Proactive part of networking.
When I do presentations as the Pay It Forward Relationship Networker, it is so important that the participants understand getting involved. The pre-curser for getting involved is wanting to give and give - unconditionally.
Boomerang Networking (which I am trademarking) is an art of giving and giving so that other givers are attracted back to you. Takers will attract takers. Proactive networkers that give quality referrals, and get to know not only you and your business, but you as an individual, these are the connectors that you want to attract into your life. You will not find them by joining groups and sitting on your ---.
The people that you meet by being proactive is priceless. You are one of the people I have met by being proactive.
Thank you for the post.

Jason Jacobsohn

Thank you for you sharing your experiences and insight into why people you need to take action. You are right that many people don't realize that they need to make it happen themselves.

crowd SPRING

The pre-curser for getting involved is wanting to give and give - unconditionally.

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