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April 19, 2007


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David Dalka

1. Use blogs
2. Actively seek active candidates and read resumes - old fashioned, but it actually works.
3. Google primary terms in your job description and look for people who run up on the first 40 pages of results on the topic

Jason Jacobsohn

Thanks David. Very good suggestions.


- I think reaching out via someone's blog is probably one of the effective and personal ways. I would imagine this method has a high return value as you treat the person uniquely and special.

- Attend mixers, and meet people. Don't just stand behind a booth waiting for people to come up to the recruiting booth and pick up your job req.

- I know one thing I personally like as a job seeker is when I get a personal contact info of a recruiter and not just some Oftentimes I hear of people whose resumes and requests never get responded to so they are despondent about recruiters.


Jason Jacobsohn

Thanks Holly. Some excellent suggestions as well.

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