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April 22, 2007


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Robin Gifford

Personal branding is increasingly more important both in our business and social spheres. People make an opinion after seeing you for only a few minutes. Sometimes you don't have the opportunity to open your mouth! So branding at all levels is key...dress, technology you use, places you frequent, people you hang out with, as well as what you know and do!

Visit my post on this subject by clicking here:


Jason Jacobsohn

Excellent points Robin. I agree that you need to make a good first impression so your appearance and perception to others is very important.

Jamie Wallis

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Dan Schawbel

You will see an exponential growth of the significance of Personal Branding, due to competition in the workplace and increases in the overall population.

It will become more relevant to everyone around the globe!

I write on this subject all the time...if you are interested, please read it!

Jason Jacobsohn

Great stuff Dan! Nice blog.


This is a critical element of your personal brand. You can’t fake this, if you do create a core brand that is not in alignment with your primary values everything around your brand will be completely ineffective.

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Banners Expo

Nowadays Brand is everything, people only remember the brand name. The brand he wears, the brand they dealing with and more.
I also have my personal brand as a printing company and working in New York City.

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